Welcome to the world of Divines Currency Coin (DCC)

Where modern technology meets everyday usefulness. DCC is not just a token; it’s a valuable tool meant to improve your financial journey. As a leading digital currency, DCC offers many opportunities for people and businesses.

What makes DCC special is how it can do many things. It gives users rewards for each purchase they make, turning daily transactions into chances to earn. You can stake your DCC in our easy-to-use Divines Wallet, watch your holdings grow, and receive rewards and money without much effort, thanks to smart contracts.

We’ve made it simple to handle your digital assets. DCC is a flexible way to pay for things and works on different platforms. The most exciting part is the Divines Wallet, where you can enjoy smooth and safe transactions that change how you use cryptocurrencies for everyday business.

Virtual Credit Card

Get ready to use a virtual credit card for your purchases. This smart solution will make it easy for users to use our token to shop and buy things without any hassle.

Elevating Industries & Customer Services

Divines Wallet is a useful financial tool that offers various benefits to improve customer experiences in different areas. Here’s how Divines Wallet can make customer experiences better in various industries:


  • Divines Wallet makes paying for things easy and safe. It lets you use cryptocurrencies for payments, making shopping simpler and less of a hassle.

Financial Services 

  • Financial companies and payment processors can use Divines Wallet to accept and process cryptocurrency transactions.

Gaming and Entertainment 

  • Gamers can buy things in games quickly and securely with Divines Wallet, making gaming more enjoyable. Entertainment platforms can use Divines Wallet for secure payments for things like content, event tickets, and more.

Real Estate

  • Divines Wallet makes real estate transactions easier and safer by offering secure payment solutions. It speeds up buying and selling properties.


  • Schools and colleges can use Divines Wallet to make it easier for students to pay tuition and buy course materials. Students can also get rewards in cryptocurrency when they use Divines Wallet, which makes it more attractive for them.

DIVINEs Crypto Education

We are the top choice for crypto courses, made to help people like you understand cryptocurrencies better. You can only find our courses on b-intelect, an easy-to-use online learning platform.

We know it’s crucial to keep up with the crypto world. That’s why we teamed up with b-intelect to give you a fantastic learning experience. When you use b-intelect to access our courses, you get a great platform that makes learning easy and enjoyable.



Your Complete Crypto Payment Solution

DIVINEs Pay is an innovative mobile app meant to change the way people handle transactions and send money. It’s all about making things easy, secure, and flexible. DIVINEs Pay gives you the power to effortlessly handle your money, pay bills, top up your phone, and send money—all using the DCC token.

Coming Soon

DIVINEs Centralized Exchange

Is set to change the way people trade cryptocurrencies. DIVINEs Exchange will give users a safe and easy platform to trade their digital assets. By including the DCC token, it will attract various investors and crypto fans, making the exchange a success. DIVINEs Exchange will also help new crypto projects and benefit both investors and project creators.

Coming Soon


Token Name:  DIVINEs Currency Coin

Token Ticker: DCC

Token Decimals: 18

Token Contract Address:

Token Based: BSC (BEP20)

Token Total Supply: 500 000 000 000 DCC

Exchanges to be listed.

Token Details

Our token is unique because it’s designed to become scarcer over time. When people use the token, a part of the fees from their transactions is destroyed, reducing the total number of tokens.

This scarcity feature sets our token apart and has various benefits for our users and partners. Here are the main points about our token’s scarcity:

Token Burning

Every time someone uses our token, a small portion of the transaction fee disappears, making the token rarer. This increases its value, which is great for long-term holders.

Benefits of Deflation

As the token becomes scarcer, its value should go up because there are fewer of them available. This benefits both users and partners by making the token more appealing as an investment and a way to buy things.

Community Driven

Our token is driven by our community, and important decisions about things like token burning are made with the input of our community. This ensures that the token serves the interests of our users and partners and can adapt to changing needs over time.

Our community actively takes part in external platforms that work with us to make the token more useful and versatile. Together, we’re shaping the future of our token and ecosystem.

Token Distribution

We’ll distribute our deflationary token in different ways to make sure it’s used widely and lasts a long time. Here are the main ways we’ll do it:

Token Sales

Some of our tokens will be sold in private and public sales. This gives us the money we need to develop our platform and gives early supporters a chance to get tokens at a lower price.

Staking Rewards

People who have our tokens can “stake” them to get rewards. This encourages them to keep their tokens and helps make the network more stable.

Liquidity Pool Rewards

We’ll reward people who provide liquidity with our tokens. This makes sure there are enough tokens available, and it keeps our ecosystem steady.

Ecosystem Fund

We’ll set aside some tokens for an ecosystem fund. This fund will be used to develop the platform more and support partnerships and projects that help our ecosystem grow.


We’ll give out free tokens to early supporters and our community. This builds a strong and active community around our token and makes more people use it.

Token Distribution

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